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A2I Communications Info Site

Our migration into the cloud, mentioned in various places in this info website, was completed in December 2020 and January 2021.

Because of our move into the cloud, this info website contains two sets of pages: those that were updated December 2020 onwards, and those that are old.

Please follow our official announcements in our forum website at

How to browse this site

One good way of systematically browsing this info site is to go down the sidebar menu, starting at the top, and view each page. This way you won't miss any pages.

Some pages reside in a separate Hints menu. Visit that too. It contains a collection of miscellaneous hints. It you unexpectedly find yourself there, you can use your web browser's back button to return back to the previous page, or follow the Top link to get to the main menu.

This website is user-friendly

Your web browser's back button is fully functional. No mystery errors or an endless circular route.

Control-click or middle-click on a mouse will open a link in a new tab.

On small-screen devices some menus will hide until you open them with one or two easy taps.


Below is a small selection of useful pages. Please see the sidebar menu for many more.

Some pages reside in a separate Hints menu. It you find yourself there, just follow the Top link to get back to the main menu.

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