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Plus addressing

[ Classic Linux and DirectAdmin. ]

If incoming mail is received by our servers such that a + (plus) or - (hyphen-minus) character is found anywhere to the left of the @ character, then the incoming message will be delivered to the email address formed by considering only the part to the left of that character.

Mail arriving for: Will be delivered to:

On our old servers this feature was called hyphenated suffixes, because only the hyphen-minus was supported. This feature is generally called plus addressing because most service providers, if they support this feature at all, require a plus.

We support both hyphen-minus and plus.

This feature lets you quickly make up a new email address at any time, by simply adding a plus or hyphen-minus and some additional characters into your email address.

(If you use more than one plus-addressing character in an email address, the leftmost character is the one that counts.)

Please test the correct functioning of this feature before you begin to widely deploy it.

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