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Problem accessing a web page

Note: version N means software version, release, etc., where available.

Check our official announcements (see for the last few weeks, to make sure that no major system change has occurred that might be associated with the problem. Then please provide the following information in your problem report.

MENTION that you did not find a solution in any RECENT OFFICIAL ANOUNCEMENT.

COMPUTER SYSTEM: what type of computer system. E.g., PC running Microsoft Windows version version N. E.g., Macintosh running MacOS version N. E.g., PC running Linux version N. E.g., handheld PDA model version N.

USER: Who you are; your account number or login name; your domain name .

PROGRAM: Which web browsers you are using. Always try to access the problematic web page with TWO SUBSTANTIALLY DIFFERENT web browsers. Tell us which they are. E.g.: Microsoft IE version N and Firefox version N. E.g.: Firefox version N and Opera version N. E.g.: Safari version N and Firefox version version N. If you use a single web browser, your problem report will get much lower priority. Also, if the web browsers you are using are more than a few months, you should upgrade them before reporting any problem.

How CONNECTED: Specify DSl, Cable, dial-up, commercial T1, public Wifi in a cafe, hotel, etc, and who the service provider is.

ACTIVITY: Usually just “accessing a web page”.

SERVER: Most users will leave this blank. If you know that you are connecting via a proxy server, it may be helpful to include some information about that. If the proxy server is optional to you, you should try connecting to the same web page both with and without proxying enabled, to eliminate the proxy as a cause of the problem.

ULTIMATE DESTINATION: Specify the complete URL beginning with 'http:' or 'https:'. Use copy-and-paste to prevent typographical errors . A domain name alone will not be sufficient. We will check the URL exactly as you provide it to us. If it doesn't begin with 'http:' or 'https:', it's not a web site URL, and we will not be able to diagnose the problem.

And finally, don't forget to mention what ERROR MESSAGE you see.

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