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Ports and Protocols

Outdated page.

Updated information at: DirectAdmin Environment (revised for 2020 onwards).

Also please see:

(Note: This page is for directadmin. If you are a Classic Linux user, we have a different page for you with the same name: ports_and_protocols.)

Available ports and protocols used for email in the directadmin environment are given below.

For all protocols listed below, you may connect directly to the machine on which you do your control panel login; typically,, etc..

Or you can just connect to your own domain name prefixed with “mail” (e.g., “”). This will get you to the same machine.

IMAP for reading mail:

  • Use either insecure IMAP, or secure IMAP with TLS, on port 143.
  • Or use secure IMAP with SSL on port 993.

POP for reading mail:

  • Use either insecure POP, or secure POP with TLS, on port 110.
  • Or use secure POP with SSL on port 995.

SMTP for sending mail:

  • Use either insecure authenticated SMTP on port 587.
  • Or use secure authenticated SMTP with TLS on port 587.
  • Or use secure authenticated SMTP with SSL on port 465.

Note: If you have a DSL, cable, or other high-speed connection, you can send outgoing mail via your connectivity provider's SMTP server following their instructions. It's not necessary for you to connect to our server to send outgoing mail.

Note: For authenticated SMTP, please use the same login name and password that you use for POP or IMAP. Mail accounts created as mail accounts within your control panel will use an email address for logging in for IMAP, POP, or SMTP; e.g., “”.

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