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SMTP Filtering to Keep Out Spam

Outdated page.

Updated information at: Classic Linux.

Also please see:

By the use of greylisting and black_lists, a substantial amount of spam is rejected before it reaches our classic_linux servers. This is called SMTP filtering.

You may adjust the SMTP filtering for your email address(es) by going to:

and following the link entitled “Email Address and SMTP Filtering Control”.

You can add multiple email addresses (see Removing Email Addresses) and set the SMTP filtering for each as you prefer.

Wildcard domains: A domain name beginning with '@', such as, is called a wildcard domain. In our system this represents all unknown addresses in the domain.

To keep out dictionary attacks and prevent excessive machine load, email arriving for a wildcard domain, i.e., for unknown addresses in a domain, will always be subjected to a high degree of SMTP filtering and this cannot be switched off. You may create specific email addresses in your domain and separately adjust the SMTP filtering for each one. Wildcard domains will not be supported at all after october 31, 2009. Please see: 2009-10-15 Discontinuing Wildcard Domains.

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