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(Outdated) Classic Linux Webmail

(This is an outdated page. Instead, please see: Rahul.Net Webmail.)

(The page redirects here.)

The new Squirrelmail below accesses our new mail machines effective the beginning of Stage 1 of our mail system migration.

(directadmin users, please this page: directadmin_webmail.)

Please see the Troubleshooting section near the end of this page.

Always use a secure “https” connection wherever possible.

Log in as just your classic_linux login name without the domain. I.e., don't log in as or Log in as just joeuser.

Current Webmail

Old or Insecure Webmail

Below links are for last-resort use only and are not recommended for normal use.


Missing Folders. To find missing mail folders while using the newer Squirrelmail, go to the Folders menu, and add subscriptions to the needed folders. Once you do so, these folders will become visible on the main screen. If you still can't find any folders, please see the Reporting Problems section below.

Error message ORDEREDSUBJECT. If you see an error message similar to this:

“ORDEREDSUBJECT threading is currently not supported …”

Go to Options then Display Preferences, and set “Enable Thread Sort by References Header” to Yes. Then save your preferences by clicking on the Submit button. This should eliminate the error message.

Reporting Problems. If any unsolved problems remain, please follow the problem-reporting procedure of the mail system migration and use the older Squirrelmail in the mean time.

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