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Installatron for easy installation of applications

Installatron is a software feature provided in both Classic Linux and DirectAdmin that will let you install any of a large number of software packages quickly and easily, Instllatron will also let you do easy backups and restores of any website created with installatron.

Installatron can also be configured by you to automatically update installed applications when new security fixes become available. It can also be configured by you to make automatic backups of an application periodically.

For example, if you install WordPress using Installatron, you can ask Installatron to automatically apply all security fixes as they become available, and make an automatic backup once a week, and keep each backup for 8 weeks.

A list of applications that can be installed can be found in your control panel, and on this page on the web:

DirectAdmin : how to access Installatron

Installaron is in the Advanced Features menu or the Extra Features menu according as you are using the Enhanced skin or the Evolution skin.

Classic Linux : how to access Installatron

Access Installatron from:

Virtualmin ⇒ Services ⇒ Installatron Applications Installer

Note. You can also reach Installatron from Webmin ⇒ Tools ⇒ Installatron but that may not work correctly.

Troubleshooting. If your Classic Linux account type is supposed to include Installatron, and you cannot find it, go to

Edit Virtual Server ⇒ Enabled features

and look for Installatron Applications Installer. If the checkbox is not checked, check it now. Also, make sure that the MySQL database checkbox is also checked, as some applications installed by Installatron require that.

Finally, click on Save Virtual Server.

Now Installatron should become available in the Services menu.

Note. The menu item Virtualmin ⇒ Install Scripts is native to Virtualmin and includes only a handful of programs. Installatron includes a much larger number. You should be able to safely use either or both.

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