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Mailing lists

[ Classic Linux and DirectAdmin. ]

Both the Classic Linux and DirectAdmin environments will let you create mailing lists.

Such mailing lists are intended for limited circulation and for groups where everybody mostly knows everybody else. E.g., friends, co-workers, teams working on a software project.

If a mailing list were to be a large one, it would eventually end up with invalid email addresses. And some receiving sites will see multiple messages arriving for invalid users, and will interpret them as spam. And our servers might get blocked by such receiving sites. Worse, our cloud providers might get spam reports and block our access to outgoing port 25, which we use to send outgoing mail.

Also, in a large mailing list, sooner or later somebody will forget having signed up for it, and then will complain that they are receiving spam. Again, such spam reports may be taken as genuine and cause us to be blocked.

Sites dedicated to sending mass non-spam email keep careful track of bounced email and keep the number of invalid addresses very low or zero. They also include a one-click unsubscribe link in each message.

Our mailing list software does not do these things so well.

Keeping mailing lists small will prevent such problems. If you wish to run a big mailing list, you can find many services online that are designed for this.

Instead of a mailing list, you can use one of the social media sites.

Or you can do a one-click install of a discussion forum program such as phpBB via Installatron. These forums work similarly to mailing lists.

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