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Classic Linux password changes

[ Classic Linux. ]

To access the Virtualmin control panel, point your web browser to

After you complete your first Virtualmin login, please change your assigned password to a new long random string. From within the Virtualmin menu, a password change can be done using the following menus:

     Virtualmin ⇒ Administration Options ⇒ Change Password

A password change from within Virtualmin will be effective also for Linux shell logins.

However, a password change done on the Linux command line with the passwd command will not be reflected within Virtualmin.

You can also change your password from within Virtualmin's Edit Virtual Server menu.

Note. Virtualmin has its own password, distinct from the billing system and

Since most people find it difficult to memorize and recall a long random string, it is tempting to use a short and easy-to-remember password. In the old days such passwords were just fine. However, today's Internet is a hostile place. Our servers are constantly hammered, day and night, by attempts to break into accounts via ssh, IMAP, and POP connections. Please keep your account secure by using a long, random, impossible-to-guess password. The only good way of doing this is to generate a random string with a computer program.

We highly recommend using a password manager. Then you will only need to remember one good password, that for the password manager. Everywhere else just use a long random string. Let your password manager generate random passwords for you, and store them and fill them in for you.

You can use a separate password manager program – there are many that you can find with a web search – or you can use the password manager already built into almost every modern web browser.

Also, please be sure to use a different password for each different account everywhere on the Internet. Then if one account does get hacked somewhere, all other accounts remain safe. Again, a password manager will make it easy for you to use a different password in every place.

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