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File layout in Classic Linux

A user with login name USER will have files in the old and new Classic Linux environments in the locations shown below. A trailing slash means directory.

Location on old servers Where migrated to on new servers Normal location on new servers
Home /xx/home/USER/shell/ /home/USER/OLD/shell/ /home/USER/
Mail inbox, default /var/spool/mail/USER /home/USER/OLD/var-spool-mail-USER /home/USER/Maildir/
Maildir folder, if any /xx/home/USER/shell/Maildir/ /home/USER/OLD/shell/Maildir/ /home/USER/Maildir/
Website html files
/xx/home/USER/www/ /home/USER/OLD/www/ /home/USER/
Website html files
/xx/home/USER/www/ /home/USER/OLD/www/ /home/USER/DOMAIN/public_html/
or /home/USER/public_html/
Website cgi-bin files /xx/home/USER/cgi-bin/ /home/USER/OLD/cgi-bin/ /home/USER/DOMAIN/cgi-bin/

The table above shows you where you will find your files after initial migration. Everything from the old servers will be copied into an OLD subdirectory in your new home directory.

For security reasons only files that were owned by you on the old servers will be copied during migration. Anything that was skipped will be listed in a file called /home/USER/OLD/not-copied.txt. Entries in this file are relative to /xx/home/USER. Please look in this file, and if any files that you need were not copied, you may copy them manually to the new server. If this file is empty, it means nothing was skipped.

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