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Classic Linux -- urgently needed

[ Note. This page is now outdated. Our migration to the cloud is now completed, and all old servers have been taken shut down. Some information here might still be relevant and useful if you are having issues with your account. ]

We will be referring customers to this page who seem to have had difficulty with our Classic Linux migration procedure.

If your have been following that procedure, and have already asked us to switch your email address to the new server, and have successfully re-pointed your mail client to that new server, then the rest of this document should be treated as merely a suggestion, not an urgent need.

Otherwise, it is imperative that you do both steps 1 and steps 2 below. If you do not, you may get locked out of your account sometime during January 2021, whenever our old servers go offline, and we do not know when, if ever, you will be able to access your account again.

1. Access new webmail via Roundcube

Point your web browser towards the new webmail server at:


Log in with the new password that you were provided in the migration email that you should have been sent already in late December 2020 (or in some case around the 1st or 2nd of January 2021).

Go into the settings within Roundcube webmail and set your Email address to where USER is your Linux username.

Send a brief test message to Mention 'migration test' in the subject and body. This will tell us that it's just a test message, not a support request. You will get back an automatic reply, which will go to either this Roundcube webmail or to your normal email client, it does not matter where. So long as you can send this test email and access the reply, you have succeeded in completing step 1.

(When we see a support ticket called migration test, we will just close it.)

Now that you can access new webmail, check it at least once a day. We will make sure your new webmail keeps working regardless of any other changes in your account.

2. Access billing system, add offsite email

Access our billing system at and log in. The billing system uses its own password for you, distinct with your password for our Classic Linux old and new servers. If necessary, do a password reset.

After logging into the billing system, add an off-site email address for yourself. By off-site we mean an email address completely independent of our servers. This email address can be a work email address, or an email address at another service provider, or at a free email site such as Gmail, Hotmail, and the like. The purpose is to (a) allow password recovery if needed in the future, and (b) give us a place to contact you if your account here on our servers is for any reason not accessible to you.

To update your information to add an offsite email address, just follow the menus. You may need to find a green Update button, then go to the Contacts section and add a new contact with the new email address. The billing system may want you to enter additional information along with the new email address. It's OK to enter place holders such as 'not needed' to avoid having to re-enter information that is already there in the billing system. The only thing that this additional contact really needs is an off-site email address.

By the way, this is also a good opportunity for you to update any other contact information that might have become out of date.


The consequences of not doing 1 and 2 above, and also not having been able to successfully follow our migration procedure, are that you may get locked out of your account sometime during January 2021, whenever our old servers go offline, and we do not know when, if ever, you will be able to access your account again.

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