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Classic Linux account conversions and updated billing

We will bill you for two years of service. That will pay for all past service plus an additional year, through December 31, 2021.

(Note. if you get billed but you have already been paying for service, please remind us and we will make an adjustment.)

Classic Linux accounts will be converted to new account types as shown.

Old type New type Description
Drop-in CL1G or DA1G Initial migration will be to a
CL type account. See note.
Budget CL5G or DA5G
Web-only CL5G or DA5G
Economy CL10G or DA10G
Advanced CL10G and DA10G Both account types are included
Premium CL15G and DA10G

CL means Classic Linux and DL means DirectAdmin.

CL1G. Classic Linux with 1 GB storage.
CL5G. Classic Linux with 5 GB storage.
CL10G. Classic Linux with 10 GB storage.
CL15G. Classic Linux with 15 GB storage.
DA1G. DirectAdmin with 1 GB storage.
DA5G. DirectAdmin with 5 GB storage.
DA10G. DirectAdmin with 10 GB storage.

See Account types for more details about each of these account types.

When these account conversions are done, and if you account is in good standing with all bills paid, you will get service until December 31, 2021 with at least substantially the same account features as you were getting before December 2020, subject to any limitations of the new servers.

Note. Where you have a choice of CL or DA type accounts, initial migration will always be to a CL type (Classic Linux). Once all migration has been completed, we will give you an opportunity to test the DirectAdmin environment and migrate to that if you prefer at no additional charge. See Classic Linux vs DirectAdmin for a comparison.

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