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Password Changes

Outdated page.

Updated information at: classic_linux_password_changes.

Also please see:

In the Classic Linux environment, we do not currently have a simple password change procedure. Any password change that you make with the passwd command will not give you a lasting change. To change your password, please do any one of the things below.

  • Log into the new billing system and open a new ticket asking for a password change. If you have more than one account, please be sure to specify the one to be affected by the password change. We will assign that account a new hard-to-guess random password. (It will not be a password that you asked for, if you asked for one.) After we send you confirmation of the password change, log into the billing system again, go to the My Services page, and click on the edit icon for the account affected by the password change. You can then see the new password for that account.
  • If you also have a directadmin account, log into the new billing system and open a new ticket asking us to copy the password from your DirectAdmin account to your Classic Linux account. After we make the change we will send you confirmation.

Please do any one of the above, not both.

If you send your request by email, rather than logging into the billing system to open a ticket, we may need to take additional time-consuming verification steps, to minimize the likelihood of unauthorized persons causing a password change for you by sending us email.

Note. After we make the password change, it can take up to about an hour for the password change to reach all machines. In the mean time, some machines will have your old password and some will have the new password. Therefore try both the old and new password until the change is fully propagated.

Lost Password

So long as you are able to log into the billing system, you can recover a lost Classic Linux password by asking for a password change as above.

If you have lost the password to the billing system, please follow the billing system password recovery instructions on the Billing System Landing Page.

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