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Mail Readers

Outdated page

Updated information at: Classic Linux.

Also please see:

Initializing mail programs for Classic Linux.

Primarily, this document tells you how to set your From: line in each mail program. Note that you need to do this only if you want your email address to show as something other than, or if you want your full name to be included in your reply address.

Most of these instructions were written for the Red Hat 7.2 environment. This document has not been updated since then. Please proceed with caution on the newer CentOS 5.x machines.

Pine and Alpine

Pine is used on the older machines while Alpine is used on the newer machines.x. Both are referred to as Pine in the instructions below.

1. From Pine's [M]AIN MENU, choose [S]etup, then [C]onfig. Move down to the customized-hdrs option. Press “A Add Value”. Use the format:

  From: "Joe User" <>

In the example given above, the user's full name is in double quotes, and the user's email address is in angle brackets.

2.There is also a section entitled 'How do I change my 'From:' line?' in the official pine FAQ, which may be found on the web at this URL:

It discusses the above method and some other methods.

3.The Infinte Ink document about pine discusses many more related techniques, including the use of “roles” that let you pick one of many different sets of email address at the time that you compose a message. It can be found at this URL:


Elm is available only on the Red Hat 7.2 machines.

Create a file called


and in it put the desired From: line, e.g.:

 From: (Joe User)

Elm will automatically include this in all outgoing mail.


Create a .muttrc file in your home directory and in it put a line like this:

  my_hdr From: Joe User <>
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