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Bounce Aliases

This facility applies to email addresses of the form only.

The earliest email addresses were assigned beginning in 1992, and many have remained in service over the decades that have passed since then.

If you are migrating your service away from us, we give you a way of letting people know about any change in your email address. At your request we will add a bounce alias. Then any mail arriving for will bounce with an error message, and the error message will tell the sender your new email address.

This service is provided at no charge, and the bounce alias will remain in place indefinitely. However, we have no provision to change it later. If you later change your new email address, the bounce alias will not automatically change with it. Such a change would be manual. You will be able to change it by signing up again for an account, or possibly simply paying us our fee at that time. Deletion of a bounce alias can be done at no charge just so long as we know it's the same person making the deletion request.

If you want to know what the error bounce will look like, please send any email message to This is a bounce alias. Your email will bounce back and advise you to resend your email to our current support email address. Currently, the bounced message looks something like this:

     550 5.7.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: PLEASE RESEND YOUR EMAIL TO:

The exact text and format of the error bounce may change in the future.

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