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Billing System (revised for 2020)

Point your web browser to and look at the menus.


Log into the billing system here:
Do a billing system password reset here:

Note. The billing system has its own password, distinct from Virtualmin and

How to Pay Invoices

After logging into the new billing system, go to “My Invoices” to see a list of invoices. To pay an unpaid invoice, view it first.

At the top right corner of the invoice, you can select the payment method.

All migrated accounts are valid through 31 December 2021, assuming that outstanding invoices have been paid.

Handling of payment card information


Any payment card number (by which we mean a credit or debit card number) that you enter into the billing system is not stored on our servers (except for the last four digits). Instead, it is sent to our payment gateway Stripe. Stripe returns a token (an arbitrary sequence of characters) to us which is stored on our server. This token allows automatic monthly billing. The token is not usable by any other merchant, only by us. If somebody could manage to hack into our billing server and steal these tokens, they would be useless for making unauthorized charges.

There is one exception to the above. If you enter payment card information into the billing system when you are not in the process of paying an invoice, the information will be stored on our server temporarily. The next time an invoice is paid, Stripe will get your payment card information and send back a token, and our server will then store only the token and the last four digits of the card number.

So we advise only entering payment card information when you are actually looking at an invoice. Then click on the pay button, and enter payment card information when asked.

Disabling automatic payment card billing

The billing system will always try to pay invoices using the default payment card on file, if the payment method on an invoice is to pay by payment card or credit card. To get manual control over this, please enter your payment card information only when you are about to pay an invoice, and delete it afterwards.

Automatic payment card billing does not occur immediately when an invoice is created, but only when it is due, and you will get an email telling you when an invoice has been created and when it will be due.


If you choose Paypal when paying an invoice, and if you are paying for a recurring service, you will be given a choice of paying just once or setting up a Paypal subscription that causes an automatic payment every month. Paypal payments require you to already have a Paypal account. Your bank or payment card details stay within Paypal and are not provided to us.


Selected cryptocurrencies are accepted. The rate will be very close to the current market rate, possibly with a small transaction fee specific to the cryptocurrency. On rare occasions the cryptocurrency transaction fee can be larger than you expect. You will always know how much you are paying before you hit the send button on your cryptocurrency app.

Before you make a cryptocurrency payment you will be able to see the list of accepted cryptocurrencies, which is subject to change.

There can sometimes be a delay of some tens of minutes before a cryptocurrency payment is credited to your account.

Only established customers may pay by cryptocurrencies. New accounts will require conventional (i.e., fiat) payments.

Also, our services operate relatively in the open and are not designed to provide anonymity.


If you wish to add a credit balance to your account, simply go to the Invoices screen, click on the Add Funds link on the left-hand-side, and follow the prompts.

Any credit balance will be automatically applied to future invoices. If you already have an unpaid invoice, you can manually apply your credit balance to it.

Foreign payments

Generally, any payment card accepted by our payment gateway is accepted by us. However, if we notice unusually high fees billed to us resulting from currency conversions, we may contact you and make suitable alternative arrangements.

Payment card issues

If your payment card is declined, you will see an error message.

But sometimes you might see an error message that makes no sense. Here is some background information.

As mentioned above, our billing system tries to not store payment card information. It's sent to Stripe, and we get back a token that we store.

Whenever you do something relating to a payment card, if there is network issue (which is rare but can happen), or a temporary error at Stripe (which is rare but can happen), then you will see an error message which might not make sense.

When you delete payment card information, the billing system sends a request to Stripe to delete your payment card information. If that request succeeds, then it deletes the token. If the request to Stripe fails, then you will see a failure message.

If you ever see an error trying to delete a payment card, the above is probably why.

Just try again a few minutes later and quite likely it will work correctly.

As always, in case of problems, please contact us.

Merchant type. We are classified for payment card processing as a merchant in the category of Software, SaaS (5734). This may be relevant to people who use rewards cards.

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