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Command-line mail user agent Alpine

[ Classic Linux and DirectAdmin. ]

To use the alpine mail user agent, simply invoke it from the Linux shell as  alpine .

Then go into the settings menus and set your preferred From: address.

If you want to use an email address of the form where USER is your login name, then go to

     Main menu ⇒ Setup ⇒ Configuration

and set the value of User Domain to

If you want to use any other email address, then go to

     Main menu ⇒ Setup ⇒ Rules ⇒ Roles ⇒ Add

then add the desired email address; and at the end of the screen, change the value of Compose Use to Always.

Save and exit.

Other choices are possible – there are many self-explanatory options in the menus.

If Alpine hangs

It is possible for alpine to hang. This happens if different programs disagree about mailbox ownerships. The fix is quick and easy.

Log in again from a different window and use the  die  command to kill all your processes including alpine.1) This will also log you out. Log in again.

Then use the following command line from the Linux shell, where USER is your own login name.

chgrp -R USER Maildir

This will correct the group ownership of everything inside Maildir. This should fix the problem.

You may have to do this again, once or twice, if additional folders ever get created inside your mailbox, by utilities other than Alpine.


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You can also kill just alpine with the command  pkill alpine .
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