A2I Communications Information

This site will hold more documentation in the long run. Also, for other documentation, please see http://faq.rahul.net/.

Some of the more useful pages in this site, reachable from the left-hand-side menu, are:

  • New Billing System: General information about the new billing system.
  • Billing System Landing Page: A jumping point from where you can go to either the old or the new billing system.
  • Classic Linux: About the Classic Linux environment, including many machine and mail updates.
  • DirectAdmin: About the DirectAdmin environment.

Menu Layout

There is a big top menu, which you will see on the left hand side.

The following items in that top menu have own separate submenus. These items are:

  • Classic Linux
  • Issues
  • DirectAdmin

If you reach one of these submenus, you can go back to the top menu by following the “Start at Top” link.

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