Rahul.Net Webmail

(The page http://webmail.rahul.net/ redirects here.)

All supported webmail links are on this page. “Beta” means the software is newer and will probably work fine, but you should be alert for problems.

Classic Linux Webmail

Log in as just your Classic Linux login name without the domain. I.e., don't log in as “joeuser@rahul.net” or “joeuser@example.com”. Log in as just “joeuser”.

DirectAdmin Webmail

Always log into the DirectAdmin webmail links below with your complete email address of the form user@domain (e.g.: joeuser@example.com).

DirectAdmin Server: Sunshine.

DirectAdmin Server: Jade.

Obsolete Classic Linux Webmail

Below links are for last-resort use only and are not recommended for normal use. They are either insecure or outdated or both.

Troubleshooting Squirrelmail

Missing Folders. To find missing mail folders while using the newer Squirrelmail, go to the Folders menu, and add subscriptions to the needed folders. Once you do so, these folders should become visible on the main screen.

Error message ORDEREDSUBJECT. If you see an error message similar to this:

“ORDEREDSUBJECT threading is currently not supported …”

Go to Options then Display Preferences, and set “Enable Thread Sort by References Header” to Yes. Then save your preferences by clicking on the Submit button. This should eliminate the error message.

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