2009-09-12 Cpanel Final Phase-Out

[ This page revised on 2009-09-30. ]

On 2009-09-12, billing contacts for all Cpanel accounts were notified that our Cpanel environment would be permanently phased out at the end of the day, September 30, 2009. A reminder notice was send on the morning of September 30, 2009.

This phase-out became effective at approximately 3:45 pm on September 30, 2009. The Cpanel environment is now no longer active on our network.

All home directories were saved in tar archive format. These tar archives will be kept for 4 weeks, after which time they will be irreversibly deleted. If you wish to restore your home directory to any other server, we will make the saved data available to you at no charge. Please contact support@rahul.net before 2009-10-28.

If you have not made any other arrangements for migration of your account, and if your account had a credit balance when the Cpanel environment was taken offline, we will give you a full refund of your unused balance. Please contact us and let us know how best to do this.

For the history of Cpanel, and recommended alternatives, please see:

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