2009-08-23 Classic Linux Upcoming Filesystem Changes

[ Note added on 2009-09-30: The change below was done only briefly and then undone. It may happen again in the future. ]

In the near future, filesystem mounts in the Classic Linux environments will be revised. As a consequence, most filesystems will appear to reside in a pathname beginning with ”/jup”. The pwd command will typically show your home directory path, currently beginning with ”/fir”, as similar to: /jup/mk/home/joeuser/shell.

However, the canonical home directory path in the Classic Linux environment always begins with a two-character directory such as /mk, /ma, and so on. This will remain the same after the filesystem changes.

In every place in your programs, .procmailrc files, scripts, web site, etc., where you have any directory names, please use only the canonical name. This will ensure that nothing will break after the filesystem changes.

To get the canonical name of any directory, cd into it, then use the ”cpwd” command. For example:

% pwd
/fir/mk/home/joeuser/shell  <- not the canonical pathname
% cpwd
/mk/home/joeuser/shell      <- the canonical pathname
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