2009-08-21 Nojunk Interface to be Phased Out

The old Nojunk interface at http://w0.rahul.net/cgi-bin/nojunk (which you can reach from our Howto page at http://www.rahul.net/howto/) will be phased out in the near future. This change was announced in the a2i.announce newsgroup on 2009-08-21.

[Update: As of 2009-09-14, this phase-out has now occurred. Attempts to access the Nojunk URL above will lead you to this Issues page.]

Old Nojunk email addresses will remain valid. However, .nojunk.patterns files will cease to be used, and the web interface for adjusting Nojunk patterns and for forwarding mail will not longer be available.

To forward mail from a web interface, you may use our Usermin interface. This is currently available at https://oxygen.rahul.net:20000/.

To avoid problems later, please log into the Nojunk web interface (if you were previously using it), and delete all entries for Nojunk filtering and for mail forwarding.

If you are a command-line user, please remove any .nojunk.patterns file, and use the ”nojunk 0” command to disable Nojunk filtering.

Set any needed mail forwarding from the Usermin interface mentioned above.

Note that the Usermin interface sets mail forwarding by editing a .procmailrc file in your home directory. For this to work correctly, please make sure you have no .forward file in your home directory.

Summarizing all the above, you will get best results if you:

  • Switch off all Nojunk fltering.
  • Don't have any .forward file in your home directory.
  • Set mail forwarding from the Usermin interface.

For general spam filtering in the Classic Linux environment, please see the documentation at:

Note for technically advanced users: You can use either .forward file or a .procmailrc file, as you prefer. If both exist, then only the .forward file will take effect and the .procmailrc file will be ignored.

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