DirectAdmin To DirectAdmin Migration (Brief)

This ia a brief version of our full DirectAdmin To DirectAdmin Migration procedure. Only technically advanced users should follow this brief procedure.

  • Get a free trial account F, of the same type as the new account B to which you will migrate.
  • Test account F to make sure it meets your needs.
  • In account A, change the name of each of your domains to a temporary name. The temporary name doesn't have to be a valid domain.
  • Go to the Create/Restore Backups menu item on your control panel. Make sure that all the boxes are checked, and then click on the Create Backup button.
  • After the backup has been made, change all the domain names back to their original names.
  • Transfer the backup archive from account A, in the “backups” directory, to a corresponding “backups” directory in account F.
  • Restore the migrated backup archive in account F. Record any errors.
  • Change each restored domain xxx to a valid name such as Test.
  • If above tests succeed, do the same as above, but this time to a regular account B.
  • In account A, change all the domain names back into different temporary domain names. Then in account B, change all the temporary domain names back to the original domain names.
  • Now do some final testing in account B.
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