Adding/Removing Email Addresses

You can add or remove email addresses by going to the web page

and following the link entitled “Email Address and SMTP Filtering Control”.

If you have a custom domain, you can add arbitrary email addresses in your domain. An email address may forward to any other email address on the Internet. To simply cause an email address to forward to your mail account, specify your username as the destination. Here are some examples: => joe => => joe

If you do not have a custom domain, you can still forward mail for any hyphenated suffix of your email address. (See also: Email Hyphenated Suffixes.) For example: => joeuser => => joeuser

You can also cause mail arriving for an email address to be rejected, by forwarding that email address to the special token “fail”. This may optionally be followed by a colon and an error message. The sender of the failed email will see the error message when his mail fails. Examples are below. => fail => fail:Joe is no longer here => fail:Bill has moved to => => fail:I am no longer in school => fail:I no longer have an office => fail:Joe is no longer in school => fail:No such person

When incoming mail is rejected due to the use of the “fail” token as above, our network refuses to accept the message, by returning an SMTP error code during the SMTP transaction. We send back no bounce message, since the original incoming message is never accepted in the first place. However, the sender's mail system will report an error back to the sender, either directly or through a bounce message.

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